Integrated Microfinance Solutions

Next Gen of Micro Finance Institutions

Is your MFI ready for tomorrow?

In recent years, with the coming of the digital age, there has been a growing awareness of the significance of information. MFIs have understood that poor information systems have an impact on every aspect of an institution's performance, from operational effectiveness to strategic management. As the scale of operations grows, MFIs feel the need for having an integrated and well developed information system to handle their portfolio and transactions. It is also necessary in taking appropriate policy decisions to provide efficient, effective, and transparent services to clients, while maintaining effective time management and increasing outreach.

MFI leaders understand that technology is critical for simplifying banking to create sustainable business growth. Yet, the need to modernize the organization remains as compelling as ever. A pain free approach to Financing transformation, with an adaptive solution at the core, will prove invaluable for banks looking to gear themselves for tomorrow.

Integrated, Secure, & Scalable Reporting Infrastructure


Integrated with Aadhar Verification System which reduced the KYC risk of members by automated process of verification with thumb recognition or by Aadhar number.


Leverage with latest technologies like Geo Tagging which provides the real time status of particular data in the form of where it is as it is by recording the particular location longitude and latitude data.


Mobile app motivates it’s associates to improve there performance by real time growth achievement it facilitates associates to open new membership, collect Loan Repayment and more.

Customer Information

Customer Information is most important to know about the customer’s demographics, geographic, financials, preferences, livelihood and the relationship they already have with a MFI / banks Individuals are in a position to offer them the right solutions at the right time. enable MFI’s to Collect the Customer Data at his/her door step with Jio – tagging this gives the real image of customer livelihood and it is aadhar enable system which take all the information by Scanning the QR Code automatically.

Accounting Strength

Built-in integrated financial and accounting management system that effectively serves MFI with multiple branches and profit centers. The integrated general ledger module supports real-time online updating of transactions and allows real time generation of statements that show the MFI’s financial position. At the same time, the transaction manager auto-generates all batch and online transactions while processing large transaction volumes, complete with validations & defined checks.

Customer Analytics

The customer analytics module supports operations with comprehensive intelligence, ranging from data acquisition to reporting and analysis, leveraging quantitative modeling techniques and multi-dimensional reporting. It provides critical information such as customer attrition scores or profitability measures to help develop a clear picture of the customer. This information can also be extended to front-end applications or combined with online tacit information to help make timely and effective decisions. There is also the flexibility to pick and choose specific customer analytics functions, relevant to the business, across the customer life-cycle stages of acquisition, development, and retention.


Advance operational efficiencies and user experience by enabling availability of frequently used functions on a single console. The Dashboard design empower MFI to personalize the dashboard for various roles to enhance user productivity.